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Your home is your refuge, your escape from all the hustles and bustles of your life. It’s the place where you come back at the end of the day to relax and just laze around.

As a reason, it isn’t quite unexpected that you just want to make your home more comfy, more welcoming and more appealing.

With the right furniture and lights, you can have the right mood to relax at home. That is why Southwestern style lamps are becoming and more and more popular as an addition to houses nowadays..... Learn More About Southwestern Lamps & Style

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Indian Marigold, Southwest Table Lamp

The Indian Marigold Hydrocal Table lamp will act as a classy addition to your house décor. We say this because these lamps have been exclusively adorned with the Southwestern artwork. There are special Mexican touches to the pot of the lamp. The ancient artwork makes it look like an antique piece thus providing you a near-antique table lamp at a much lower price.

The Round Paprika Hide Shade of the lamp produces a great lighting effect and this creates a great ambience in the room. The dimensions of the shade are 6" x 21" x 13" which is perfect to create the desired lighting effect.

Convenient to be placed on a table at any corner of your room, the standard size of the table lamp is 28”. The most amazing fact about the artwork on the table pot is that it is completely hand painted. Thus, you get a chance to get a pure piece of the artwork.
Southwest Table Lamp H-6182
The Indian marigold Hydrocal table lamp is also available in the NV Finish/Color. The floor lamp model with similar artwork is also available. This lamp is UL listed, so you can be satisfied about the quality. Grab one of these to bring home the colors of the ancient artwork.

Earth Colors & Southwestern Lamps: Bring That Rustic Look To Your Home

Southwest lamps, both table and floor, wall sconces, and ceiling lights can also be added for a more rustic feeling.

Southwestern style may have come from the southwest region of the US, but it isn’t confined there. A number of people have been decorating their homes with distinct Southwest pieces of furniture and other decors all over the country, which is probably why there are a lot of shops carrying Southwest style furniture and decorations. You can find them both in a store near you or in our online store.

The desert look is definitely "in" when shopping for Southwest table or floor lamps. Consider designs featuring aspects of Southwestern culture, textures and colors, such as terracotta, browns, Petroglyph details, Native American designs including depictions of the traditional Kokopelli in Southwestern unique lamps.

Southwestern Style Lighting

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